Organic Faring protects the long-term fertility of soils by maintaining organic matter levels, encouraging soil biological activity, and careful mechanical intervention. Organic farming is the greenest way to provide crop nutrients indirectly using relatively insoluble nutrient sources, which are made available to the plant by the action of soil microorganisms. Through organic farming we can careful mitigate the impact of the orthodox farming system. Whilst unconventional organic methods can value the environment and supports in conservation of wildlife and natural habitats.

Benefits of Organic Food

Nutrient-Denser Food :

According to a State of Science Review UK, done in 2008, organic food has more nutritional superiority than its non-organic counterparts.

Stronger, More Energetic Body :

No pesticides, chemicals, or processed additives bogging down your system means a smaller risk of disease, illness, and disorders in yourself. Nothing leaves you feeling tired and gross like unhealthy junk food.

It Tastes Better :

True, it may not taste as good if you're accustomed to the addictive qualities of junk food additives, such as processed sugar and MSG. But after just a short time of your body experiencing truly healthy food, you'll be craving it. No, really, you will. And all the crap will start having a bad after-taste.

Health Benefits

Safe from Dangerous Pesticides :

Chemical pesticides has been linked to breast, prostrate and other cancers, non-Hodgkin lymphoma, leukemia, infertility, convulsions, immune and endocrine disorders, Parkinson's disease and depression. Just to name a few!

Safe from harmful Chemicals :

Herbicides and fertilizers have been connected with various cancers, immune disorders, infertility, cardiac disease, hypertension, and numerous other diseases.

Safe from Genetically Modified Food :

Things like genetically engineered foods (Franken foods, such a tomatoes spliced with fish genes for cold weather tolerance), food fertilized with sewer sludge, appetite enhancers given to animals and synthetic hormones are just a few more advantages of organic food.

Peace of Mind :

Knowing your buying organic food can help you to enjoy what you eat for all the reasons outlined above and below.

Why Organic?

  • Organic food just tastes better
  • It contains no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers. The average conventionally grown apple has 20-30 artificial poisons on its skin, even after rinsing!
  • Organic production is fully sustainable and environmentally sound, and helps support independent farms and growers in India.
  • Organic produce contains on average 50% more vitamins, minerals, enzymes and other micronutrients than intensively farmed produce.
  • It’s a responsible, sustainable and healthy way to live, and you’ll feel good about yourself too.

National Guidelines setup by the Govt. of India for Organic farms and processors:

  • Preserve natural resources and biodiversity
  • Support animal health and welfare
  • Provide access to the outdoors so that animals can exercise their natural behaviours
  • Only use approved materials
  • Do not use genetically modified ingredients
  • Receive annual onsite inspections
  • Separate organic food from non-organic food

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