About Scitra AgrOrganics


The Consumer demand for organically produced goods has grown exponentially at major markets around the globe, so it has open up new market for organic farmers and handlers of countries like India & W. Africa. This results in expansion of organic food production to cater the demand of consumer domestically as well as globally.

We measure our success not only in terms of profit and growth but also through our social responsibility towards our farmers and local growers. Moreover, it is our environmental obligation of reducing carbon footprints as much as possible in our customary operations.

The Scitra AgrOrganics Company is committed to making your food as sustainable and ethical as possible and all our organic food and our business is fully certified by SGS Germany.

Scitra AgrOrganics is one of the India's leading wholesale distributors of Organic and natural food within and outside India. We have a firm pledge to endorse Organics, and have been at the forefront of pioneering organic choice to the Indian consumers. All our own branded organic products are trade marked in India and certified by SGS, Germany.

What we do ?

Scitra AgrOrganics is instrumental in helping the small farmers to work professionally with retail. We also help the individual retailer develop their organic marketing strategy, expand their organic product lines and carry out in-store events and PR.

Scitra AgrOrganics also provides foreign trading partners with an overview of and easy access to all Indian organic farmers and products. Scitra AgrOrganics works hard to promote organic products in other countries and is therefore responsible for the stand “Scitra AgrOrganics – For Healthy Organic Future”.

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