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The Consumer demand for organically produced goods has grown exponentially at major markets around the globe, so it has open up new market for organic farmers and handlers of countries like India & W. Africa. This results in expansion of organic food production to cater the demand of consumer domestically as well as globally.

Scitra AgrOrganics is one of the India's leading wholesale distributors of Organic and natural food within and outside India.

Our Farmers / Growers

Mr. Gurbachan Singh is an agricultural producer based in the Northern part of Punjab, India and is dedicated to the growth and promotion of organic produce.

In 2005, with the help of Punjab Agro Export cooperation, they able to get soiled prepared for organic farming. Five years later, Gurbachan fields were declared as organic and ready for cultivation. In the beginning, Gurbachan fields were growing only pulses. Now, it is also producing vegetable field crops, since the market necessitates us to diversify our produce.

The policy of PAEC and Scitra AgrOrganics is always practice to analyze the soils after every crop and in the different regions to encourage producers to grow products that suit their soils.

Mr. Gurbachan, the Farmer, places a lot of eminence on the significance of communication within the networks: “It is not just about selling our products but about communicating among ourselves and with the distributors. This is our way of help to protect the environment and the consumer”.


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Organic Farming

Scitra AgrOrganics continuously developing the alternative organic production method for farmers as well as for our distributors worldwide. There are many challenges that Scitra AgrOrganics mitigate while farming and distributing. Scitra AgrOrganics’ one key to success is being open to unconventional organic approaches to resolve production and distribution problems. We always thrive to first determine the main cause of the problem, and assess strategies to avoid or reduce the long-term setbacks rather than a short-term fixes, be it in term of farming or distribution.